Protected From the Outside

Over time, exposure to the elements can affect your home’s siding and it may need to be replaced.


Over time, siding cracks, breaks, and simply gets old. Before leaks can creep in and cause damage to your home, have it replaced to avoid costly repairs. We have an array of colors and styles to choose from and provide professional installation.

Add curb appeal and value to your home!



Vinyl siding and uPVC weatherboarding can imitate natural materials or take on colors not existing in nature.

While plastic siding has a reputation for being a cheap imitation, technology has improved immensely, and it’s become an economical way to build without giving up elegance.

Note that vinyl siding is heat sensitive so it’s important not to grill too close to the house. Insulation material must be added. Vinyl siding is not recyclable.



Insulated siding fuses expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) to the back of siding, filling the gap between the interior of the home and its siding. Since insulated siding is permeable it is less susceptible to mold and mildew.

Insulated siding is durable, low maintenance, and can last over 50 years.

Environmentally friendly, insulated siding can reduce energy use by up to 20 percent. Insulated siding typically earns the Energy Star seal of approval.


The CertainTeed family of products is expertly designed to work together, providing countless options to create the living space you’ve always dreamed of. Arnold & Sautter features CertainTeed siding products because it offers the most comprehensive product selection to create more stunning living spaces.


Wrap your home in CertainTeed’s authentic textures of Cedar Impressions®. Designed and tested to withstand the harshest weather Mother Nature has to offer.

Perfection Shingles deliver distinctive beauty, creating the subtle, yet strikingly elegant, appearance of cedar.

Rough-Split Shakes provide your home with a rustic charm reminiscent of the days when cedar shakes were split by hand.


Give your home the look and feel of real cedar with CedarBoards™. Inspired by nature, this insulated siding delivers beauty and performance. On the outside you’ll appreciate the authentic look of natural wood siding. On the inside you’ll appreciate a quieter and more comfortable home.


Not all vinyl siding is the same. Monogram’s® industry first RigidForm™ technology for reinforced performance, PermaColor™ for lifetime fade protection,and TrueTexture™ for natural woodgrain finish make it a top choice for any discerning homeowner looking for a premium vinyl siding for their home.


An economical and flexible option. Availible with decorative trim and soffit so you can create and achieve the look you desire. Panels are available in a wide range of coordinating trim colors.


We offer a variety of options and features to improve the curb appeal, comfort, and value of any home.

  • Wide array of natural colors to choose from
  • Inside & outside mitered bay window cornerposts
  • Mitered outside cornerposts
  • Foam backing
  • Deep panel protection
  • CedarBoards available in 4″, 6″, and 7″ Clapboard; 4.5″ Dutchlap; and 12″ Board and Batten
  • Rough-Split Shakes available in 7″ straight edge or 9″ staggered
  • Perfection Shingles available in 5″ straight edge or 7″ straight and staggered
  • Monogram® available in 4″ and 5″ Clapboard, and 5″ Dutchlap


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