Enjoy the functionality of your gutter without the annoyance of cleaning!

Gutters are important since they protect your home from damage to its roof and foundation. Unfortunately gutters also harbor clogged leaves, water, and debris.

Gutter installation is one of our specialties, so call on Arnold & Sautter to install brand new gutter covers that are designed to keep your gutters free of debris, helping them protect your home as intended and saving you the time cleaning them out.


Arnold & Sautter features the Gutter Topper® and The Solution® gutter protection systems.

Gutter Topper – Tested to be the best. Able to handle winds of 110 mph and downpours of up to 22″ per hour. Features a unique Ice Release system and can handle up to 1,200 lbs of snow per square foot.

The Solution – Designed specifically for the builders, this gutter cover can be easily and quickly installed on gutter systems.


Why Gutter Covers?

Cleaning your home’s gutters is no fun. The fall leaves are beautiful, but cleaning gutters is a dirty job and often a dangerous one. Many homeowners have been hospitalized for falling off of ladders when cleaning the gutters.

While gutter covers aren’t fool proof, they drastically cut down on the maintenance needed  and the risk of you or a loved one having a fall.


  • Can be added to existing gutters
  • Prevents birds and rodents from building nests inside of gutters
  • Eliminates the need to clean your gutters
  • Prevents water back-up and overflow into your home
  • Prevents stagnant water from becoming a breeding ground for insects
  • Increases the life and efficiency of your gutters


Only Gutter Topper’s® Valley Water Diverter really works in the steepest roof valleys. With this system, water goes into your gutters and not over them.

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