We have been helping customers create beautiful spaces in their backyards and patios for decades.


These systems can accessorize nearly any facade, providing added beauty and sun protection to your home or business.

Awnings are popular addition in many backyards and business storefronts. They not only provide much needed relief from the sun during a hot summer day, but protect your home from the Sun’s damaging rays and help keep your house cooler, reducing energy bills.


Add a custom-manufactured retractable awning, which can be motorized or manually retractable.

It’s a great way to add shade to your deck, porch, patio, or balcony. It will allow you to fully enjoy summer before winter comes. These awning can be extended or removed, which is helpful for when the weather brings snow.

Choose from a variety of styles and materials.


Enjoy the breeze without the heat. Beautify your home’s exterior while cooling your home’s interior.


A popular choice, drop-arm retractable awnings adjust to any position. This allows you to control how much light enters through your window or glass door. Available in a variety of sizes, even large enough to cover your porch.

Cottage drop shades
Vertical shades that can be adjusted up and down provide shade and privacy.

Ribbed, rounded, or traditional basket awnings make a statement. These awnings have equal drop and projection. Models come in retractable or stationary.

Fixed frame 
Stationary awnings are great for year-round protection for windows and doors.


Tension shade systems have a projection up to twice that of retractable awnings. Mount them over a pergola or glass roof or attach them to a wall and add legs for support.


While we are happy to install canopy awnings for customers who want its look, this type of awning isn’t the top recommended choice for climates with snow.


Our awnings for commercial use offer the same benefits as our residential ones. From outdoor restaurant dining to shade over a swimming pool, we have you covered.

Key Benefits


Provides shade and improves aesthetics of your home or business
Arnold & Sautter Offers

Wide variety of fabric choice
Wide variety of awning types
Professional installation
Maintenance-free products available
Manufacturer’s warranty

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