Custom-manufactured patio covers to fit your home or business!

We will work with you to create something you will enjoy for years to come.


Adding a patio cover or porch enclosure to your home is the perfect way to appreciate the outdoors without actually being outside. We can install a beautiful patio cover or porch enclosure that will bring natural sunlight into your home, allowing you to enjoy rainy summer evenings, cool fall nights, and even snowy winter days from the comfort of the indoors.

Enjoy all of Michigan’s seasons with custom manufactured patio rooms and porch enclosures (3 and 4 season rooms) to fit your home or business.


Patio covers are installed on your house where you need protection from sun or rain. Most homeowners erect patio covers over their back door. That way they can have a place to get their house keys out when it’s raining, or enjoy being out in the sun with a barrier between them and the sun’s UV rays.

Talk to our designers to figure out what’s right for you and your home. Other places for patio covers are useful is over a patio, outdoor dining area, a built-in grill, or an outdoor fireplace.


Adding a porch enclosure to your home is the perfect way to enjoy the outside. We install porch enclosures that let the natural sunlight in, allowing you to appreciate Michigan’s changing seasons.

If your porch is only used in summer and you spend a limited amount of time on it due to bugs or rainstorms, a porch enclosure could be the remedy. With the addition of screen or glass, you can enjoy the view – and the breeze – without getting rained on or being bitten by pesky mosquitoes.

Enclosing an existing porch is also a great way to increase your home’s square footage when planning to put it on the market. It’s a great place to entertain family and friends – or curl up with a book.


Patio covers are usually made out of aluminum.

Sometimes patio covers are covered in shingles to match the rest of the house, which could be wood, vinyl, or aluminum.


An open patio cover, or lattice roof, allows light to filter through. A solid roof will completely block light and precipitation.


Shade structures that are not attached to a building are commonly referred to as pergolas. These are useful if you have a small area to shade.

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